Monday, December 12, 2011

Toot your horn.

This past weekend we had the first of many family Christmas gatherings. 
Most of my gatherings are well, rather reserved.
This one was my husbands fathers's family and we (they) have a good time.

He has an Aunt, an Aunt Wanda we all need one.
She is kind and fun-loving and well she is that lady, the one who always has the game we can play.
This is the time when those who hate party games make their way into the hallway or back to the kitchen
and those of us (that's me) who enjoy party games, well we put on our game face.

This year's game was by far my most favorite ever.
Christmas crackers (those things pictured above), are fun in themselves....well
have you did these before, I had not, you pull them apart and goodies fall out.
These were stuffed with a tiny horn and a number
and my oh my a crown cut from sheet music it was fabulous.

One  of the crackers was filled with a list of songs and a directing wand, the person with those goodies was the conductor and the rest of us, the ones with the horns, we were the Christmas orchestra.

Fun and easy.
Each horn has a number when the conductor points to you you play.
What happens then is pure magic.
Songs...they happen.
Out of tune? Yes
Laughter ? Yes
Fun ? Yes
Screechy at times? Yes
But Christmas songs...we were good...we were real good.
The crowns we were wearing made it even better...we were cute.
A little crown wearing, horn blowing Christmas band.

Those of you who choose to stay in the hall or kitchen you will miss out.
This was such a fun time.

You can get hand bells too.
Maybe next year...........

There are several places I saw online where you can buy these.
Your still have time to get this for your party.
I searched Christmas Crackers horns and/or hand bells.

Fun. Serious. Don't stay in the kitchen. Wear your crown. Play.

see ya'll
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