Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Tag Idea With Something You May Have Lying Around

Do you have some flashcards lying around ?
Mine are vintage but really you can use new ones too.
Flashcards make cute and unique gift tags.
You can add fun embellishments to them or just leave them plain, I did both.
Some have stickers and trims sewn on...others are just the flashcard.
I also used some vintage kid's playing cards from games like Old Maid and Snap those are cute too,
especially for the kid's gifts.
Gift tags don't have to be boring.

Not many days left.
Time to tie up the loose ends.
Run down that gift list one more time, be sure no one was left out.
What ?!!?
You forgot someone ???!!!
Well head over to JaneSays and get a printable calendar...quick.  (wink)

On another note.
Sometimes my email spam filter misses a thing or two....tell me...why oh why would anyone open an email that looks like this:
To : lkiop92u3[r9 efowjeifa   Re:  k;ljfaeuf09wr[uww[''"""":PP))PPOP)))(()()()()()O&^%^&

Seriously, spammers....you can do better than that.

see ya'll
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