Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elfin ... Behind the Scenes (not for little readers)

I have really REALLY enjoyed the elf antics this year.
With Chloe getting older I can foresee that the "magic" of Christmas will begin to fade soon.
So, I really kicked it up a notch this year.

Ticky, our elf has been, funny, adventurous, playful and plain ole silly.

Cirque du Elf is my favorite so far.
This popped in my head when I heard a mention of Mission Impossible  on TV
I pictured Tom Cruise dangling from ropes inches from the floor and
simultaneously I saw Ticky dangling  from my cabinet tops.

Not in Mission Impossible fashion .... but in Cirque du Elf fashion.

A little behind the scenes of Cirque du Elf.
Google how to spell Cirque and du
Make a Billboard
Attach yarn to your elf, I used 3 attachment spots to keep him from hanging all wonky
Place yarn ends under large heavy bowl.

Cirque du Elf and lots of ooohs and aaaahhsss.

see ya'll

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