Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tonight on Pinterest

So here is what I am seeing tonight on Pinterest.........

Who does not love free stuff ?
Paint the Moon is offering oodles of freebies for prettying up your photos.

Why didn't I think of this ?
I know why...because Little Gray Fox did !! 
All that color just makes me smile.
If this particular ornament broke onto the floor there would be such a swirling rainbow inside the Dyson.
Little Gray Fox....this is just genius.

Fried pickles holy grease and salt batman...I LOVE fried pickles.
Of course Paula Deen makes this sound easy.....but seriously
frying and especially deep frying of any sort worries me.
I have never had a grease fire and I don't want one, not even for a fried pickle's sake.
Feeling pretty fortunate that the restaurant right around the corner serves them...and they are goooooood.

Chloe has this exact metal bed  but not in scrum-diddley-umptious yellow
just plain ole brown.
Thinking I need to paint, and I may not even have to wait for warm weather
the days here have been in the 60's.
How's tomorrow sound ?

This makes me weak in the knees.
Adorable !!!
So simple to re-create....this is a must do project.

Pinterest you are the best time waster in the world !!!

see ya'll

Pin It!

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