Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Jars

We made snow globes jars.
After seeing so many on Pinterest
we had to do it.
I read a dozen tutorials and took bits and pieces of each.

We gathered random goodies.
This was very impromptu, the only thing I didn't have that
I really wanted to use was snow.

I also grabbed a my bag of tiny rocks,
don't we all have a bag of tiny rocks lying around.
And  baby oil, I'll tell you why later.

I glued my spool to the lid and followed that with my tiny rocks.
I used hot glue ( I have no clue whether this will stand the test of time or not)
Be sure when you are gluing things to your lid that you leave the space that
the jar will need to screw back into the lid.
That is IMPORTANT !!

I glued all my other bits on.
Filled my jar with water.

I read on more than one tutorial that if you add glycerin it keeps the glitter and such
from sticking to the scenery.
I also read that if you do not have glycerin, which I did not, baby oil
was a great substitute.
2-3 teaspoons for each cup of water.

Not quite sure why, I just figured I should stir.

I screwed in the lid with all the pretties attached and what happened next
was rather unexpected.
They glitter collected itself in a ball of oil and made a globule.
The glitter would not break out of the oil.
It moved and undulated but would not disperse.
Chloe LOVED this, she wanted to "play" with the glitter ball and was
most upset when I informed her that we would have to dump it out.
So baby oil - Big Fail.
I dumped out all the water, rinsed out the jar and the pretties.

Well, not what I had hoped for.
Glycerin must be the ticket.
My glitter is definitely sticking to my pretties.
Wish I had some snow.
Still cute though, it's a keeper.
I read if your lid leaks you can run a bead of hot glue around the lid to seal it, mine did not leak.

And you know we were not done until we made one "for Chloe"
She grabbed some legos, and an astronaut.
We made him a planet from a green pom pom.
She loves him which make it all worthwhile.

On a completely unrelated off note.
Where can I find a door like this...teal with nearly all the paint gone.......??

Christmas is coming ya'll.....

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