Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts Your Non-Frilly Girl Will Love

My Chloe is a non-frilly girl.

She does not love dresses and hair bows, she will wear them for me whenever I ask though, she is wonderful like that.
She does not love barbies and dolls, the only dolls she likes are the Disney Fairies and that is because
they fly, much like an insect or jet.
Chloe is creative and scientific and oh so athletic. 
She likes to know how things work and why why why ????
She loves animals and has stuck to the idea that she will be a vet when she grows up, she has not
wavered on this much.

Oh and she would want you to also know her most favorite thing in the whole wide world is running....she runs everywhere all the time. 

All of that being said.....Chloe is so hard to shop for.
What do you get a girl for Christmas that does not love the mainstream toys.....My Little Pony, Barbie....blah blah blah.........

Here are a few of the things I found that my non-frilly chap will LOVE.

A marshmallow shooter.
This will be a hit.
Since it's marshmallows I don't think it's something I will regret, I mean how much harm
can a little marshmallow do ??
Hmmm....ask me that again after Christmas.

Doodle books.
These are loaded with awesomeness.
I really think most kids would love these, but they are most perfect for my little artistic one.
As Chloe has gotten older she does a much better job in her doodle was VERY hard for the anal creative bits of me to allow her to scribble and "mess" up her doodles books of the past.
Doodle books make great gifts.

BrainQuest Workbook.
We have the BrainQuest cards in all levels and the books in my opinion are even better.
They are in levels by age and grade just like the cards and we just love em'.
They make a great supplement to her school work too.

Magic Treehouse Books, have you ever read one of these ?
They are great adventure type books for young kids.
If Junie B. and books of that sort do not suit your little girl maybe she needs an adventure.
This may be just the series she will fall in love with. 

Test tubes and solutions and mixtures.
Perfect for my little scientist.
I got this as well as the marshmallow gun at at a great price.

Do you have more gift ideas for non-frilly chics....I would love for you to share.

see ya'll

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Summer said...

so are these things family members can buy her? or have you already got them for her?--text me on that

Andee said...

Great list! My Chloe is completely non-frilly, too. Santa is bringing her a skateboard and some cute (I mean cool) H&M clothes.

Mdegraeve said...

awesome sweet gifts. i want my own marshmellow shooter!

Linda said...

Heard she plays a pretty mean game of football.