Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Sweet Affair

I am not a born hostess.
I don't love to have my house full of people that I have to entertain and feed.
Makes me nervous.
Just not my cup of tea.

So I decided to host a little sweets party for my family.....right my alley......right?? 

So every year since I have been born at least 37 25 years my grandpa has taken us out to
a "fancy" dinner the Saturday before Christmas.
It's his gift to us....he always chuckles and says " well, I got my shopping done."
Cute huh?
It's a night  I always look forward, it brings back warm memories.
Like...we used to always eat at place called the Hereford Barn, it was a big red barn and you ate in
what looked like animal stalls, it was a lovely lil' place.
When we left we always got an apple out of a big barrel by the door.

And....I remember riding up there when I was small and Grandpa's car was big enough to hold us all ( although that does not really seem possible maybe my memories are not totally accurate)
and I would sit on my Aunt Pam's lap and ride all the way to the Hereford Barn. 

Then there is always the ride home....we would ride thru some neighborhoods and look at Christmas
lights.  We didnt' look at lights when I was small this was later.....and by this time our family as so large that we borrowed the church van, my Uncle Johnny would drive and in all the cul de sacs he would do do-nuts and we would all laugh uncontrollably, except for Grandma she would be saying Johnny....stop !!

Fun , special times that I will never ever forget.

So as you can probably gather it's a pretty special event.
Well this year Grandpa is 84 and he just had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago like a champ.
He is doing so well.

I guess all the warm fuzzy memories of Grandpa taking us to eat and his miraculous speedy recovery made me wanna do something special with and for my family.
So I hosted this little sweets affair and it wasnt' so bad, it was even nice.
The food was good, my house was way cute and I saw smiles and heard laughing all around.
I did it...I hosted a small sweet affair.

Menu :
7 Layer Magic Cookies
Smores Bars
Booger Pie
Pina Coloda Cake
German Chocolate Cake
and of course chips for the salt to balance out all that sugar.

Thanks to the lovely ladies in my family for bringing a sweet they were all so very delicious !!
Thanks to Grandpa for loving us all so much.

It's going to be a good always is.....

see ya'll
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