Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Christmas Home As Told By Chloe

Want to look around my Christmas Home?
Not so much the rooms, but the festive spots?

I took the photos  and I'll do the typing, but the rest is up to Chloe.
This is essentially Chloe's post.
Sit back and enjoy Chloe telling you about our Christmas Home.

This is our kitchen table decorations.  We have three trees and three birds.  We  made the tree in the middle and the white tree is  my mom's favorite.  My daddy eats in the chair behind the white tree.

This is where we keep our Christmas cards.
See the one under the OW those are my best friends.

This is the red bench.
We decorate the red bench.
Today my Elf, Ticky is in that boot.
The boot is magical.

Those lolli-pops in the skate look so yummy, but we can't eat them because they are mom's
decoration and they are probably so old.

See the red H, that goes perfect with Christmas. 
Our last  name starts with H.

These three carolers are very old.
We got them at the Habitat Restore.
They were .25 each.

See those numbers ?
That is our countdown to Christmas.
We also had a countdown to our Disney Vacation one time.

The stockings are not really for presents, they are to  look at.
Those flowers are a special Christmas flower I am not sure of the name.

This looks like our dog Daisy.
She has a Santa hat on.
Sometimes when we see her we think it's Daisy.

This is Frosty the Snowman.
Last year his broom broke, we glued it.

These are all my presents !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The white house is magical.
One time I accidentally knocked off the steeple of the church....mom doesn't know that..Shhhhhh.

This is another countdown to Christmas.....my mom said we would draw an ornament every day.
We forgot. Ha Ha Haaaaaaa

So there you have it, a little tour of some of  our favorite Christmas spots in our home as told by Chloe.
She is correct, we did forget to start the Christmas tree countdown....we will catch that up...promise.

see ya'll
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