Thursday, December 8, 2011


Done.   Cute.   Festive.
One decent photo of Chloe in front of the tree, a boring and classic shot I know, but one I always feel like
I have to get.
Kids are so excited around Christmas and getting one to be still for a photo is nearly impossible.
Yes, she loathes that gigantic bow, but she indulges me and wears it around Christmas.....I love her.

My favorite Christmas decoration.
A charming, dreamy tree from my Mom.
Oh Ticky.
You did indeed bury yourself inside my apothecary jar of bubble gum.
You sneaky funny lil' elf.
You are also a very lucky elf, because if you had broken my apothecary jar you would have
promptly received  a one way ticket back to the North Pole Mister.

Maintenance Required.
I need an oil change and I know that is why the light is on.
But it still makes me nervous, even though I know nothing is wrong with my car. 
I wonder if the people in the cars beside me can see it and I then wonder if they think hey lady...something is wrong with you car. 
Oh no, I just need an oil change.

My absolute favorite snack.  Have you had these Pretzel Crisps in Buffalo Wing flavor.   Scrumptious I tell ya.

This video.
LOVE !!!!
It's Christmas.....He is BORN !!!
Party !!!

see ya'll
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1 comment:

Linda said...

I love Chloe in the green bow.
Probably the last year...sigh.