Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elfin' Around

 If your little one is over your shoulder or by your side.....this may give away some precious elf send them on their way or read this later.

Our elf arrived days ago.
He usually arrives on December 1st, however the 7 year old smart mouth disease has been running
rampant in our house lately so we told Chloe
at times that requires your elf to come early so he can collect more data.
So Ticky, our elf, arrived early.....just like we said.
Parents do know everything (wink).

Chloe believes completely in her elf.

She believes he leaves each night and returns before she wakes.

We forgot to move him twice already and she was very worried something was wrong with him.

If you sometimes forget to move your elf too, the Elf on the Shelf Blog has explanations for your kids.

 It's hard to be creative EVERY morning with Ticky's location.

Pinterest has lots of ideas. What, you don't pin ???!?!  You should.
I however did not like the elf lying beside the bottle of pills, that is just wrong.

I do like the elf whom has made a snow angel in the flour.
Our elf WILL be doing this.

Do you elf ?

What is your most creative elf hiding spot ?

Happy Elfin'
See ya'll.
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