Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scraps Tutorial

Before I tell you what I did with some lovely scraps this week...let me tell you I am sitting here watching the new show Mobbed and it made me cry...I was just so overwhelmed for that girl...oh much emotion.....anyway. Well I have told you before of my love for crafty trash....I had just finished making a pile of fabric roses and the long strips of vintage sheets that were left over, well I can't just throw those away. I took the seam of one pillowcase and started there since it's kind of like a cord.
Then I tore each strip into smaller 1 x 15.
Then I tied them all onto the cord...simple.

Trim them up if you like or leave them all uneven and messy this suited me fine and it just may suit you too.
It's so dainty and airy
and soft and springy.

I know just where it is goin...and when I get the whole wall done you know I'll show you.

I think this would be adorable at the top of a curtain, shower curtain, mirror or on a mantle.

Don't ever ever ever throw away your scraps.....ever....there is purdy left in them.

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1 comment:

leigh said...

This is so cool! I love anything scrappy as I sew and recently made a scrap quilt:) The whole idea of reuse looks and is great. Thanks for a excellent post.