Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Hollerin' Mean Face

OK FIRST LET ME SAY I APOLOGIZE....BLOGGER WOULD ACCEPT NO SPACING AT ALL FOR THIS POST.......SORRY IT'S ALL JUMBLED UP. This morning we awoke to torrents of rain, thunder and lightening. We showered, dressed, ate breakfast and chit chatted about the day to come to the tune of rain on the roof and windows. At the same time as we have done sooo many times before Chloe and I piled into the car for the ride to school. As we pulled into the school on this day something struck see everyday since Chloe has been in big kid school I have parked my car and walked her in as opposed to dropping her off in the car rider was more for me than for her, I loved walking her in and seeing her be-bop down the hall, it started my day off right. Well a few weeks ago she asked me to start dropping her off....and after a little private inside hissy fit I obliged. OK, back to this we pulled in I realized she would have to walk the RAIN. Not just pitter patter....RAIN...big drops...heavy drops....and thunder and lightening. Oh no...not my just her little hood...cause Lord know she could not handle and umbrella and her gargantuan backpack. the lovely diagram shows you.....see the road...well you pull into the school lot down at the bottom and you are supposed to file in to the left all the way around to the X until that road beside that little bright green sidewalk is full of cars ( maybe 8 cars or so)...then after all those kids file out....another line of cars can pull it ? Well as we turned the corner this morning I was counting cars and calculating so I could kinda guess where I would be letting Chloe out I noticed I would be the first guessed it...all the way down to the X...meaning my munchkin would have the longest possible walk to the door.... in the RAIN...did I mention the RAIN ? So...what to you think I did ? Mhmm...pulled my little car right up to the door and let my sunshine out.....arrrrghhhhh..holy cow in the morning....I was met by a loud hollerin' mean face yelling at me to pull all the way down...pull all the way down.....PULL ALL THE WAY DOWN. Well duh...I know this know me and you see me DAILY and you know I KNOW where to pull....but honey is raining and storming and my precious is sure to wipe that snarl off your's ok....the day will still go on. I know I sound completely arrogant and crazy and of course I know Chloe would not melt...but I just could not let her out way down at the would have done the same thing....right ?? And if you need me to make any maps for diagrams for you....let me know....obviously I could not charge much !!! Ha!!

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Heidi said...

This is an example of one of my Dad's sayings. If you give someone a whistle, you can make an a** out of anybody. You knew the right thing to do even if the the other person didn't. Good for you for doing it for your girl!