Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swell Seven the powers that be (BLOGGER) would not let me upload more than 5 photos tonight.
So I surrendered....gave up.....let ole blogger have it his way
Today's Swell Seven is a Swell Five. Snapfish is offering 100 prints for $5 shipped. Enter code STPATPRNT at checkout now thru March 20 for this swell deal.

These pots with familiar faces on them are very fun.
You can see more here...the site is Russian, you can translate it with google toolbar if you have that little jewel...but fun to look at none the less....and if you are super-creative you can make your very own.
Darling little whale pillow and I love the decal over the bed. Sweet room.

This little Disney book and record is a vivid and lovely memory from my childhood. I think of it often and decided to google it one day. I found THIS site where I can hear the record and look at the book online as it's's takes me right back to sitting on my floor beside my pink Barbie record player turning the page at the tone.

New at Target....this wall hanging is scrumptious. By Mandy Lynne

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