Monday, March 7, 2011


No...not the movie silly girls
I can't say I have even seen Camelot and have zero plans to do so.
Camelot the color.
One gallon....which became two gallons of flat interior latex.

A roller
A trim brush, the stumpy's my favorite and fits my hand like a glove.
A paint tray, a liner and a one hot willing husband (not pictured).
My lemony yellow family camelot.
This is our method...I roll the walls from the floor as high as I can reach on my tippy tippy toes and the hot willing hubs gets the rest.
My yummy yummy delicious teal kitchen ( oh I will miss my teal kitchen) .... now camelot.
It's the very first time my family room and kitchen have been the same color.
I love it.
It opened up the space...a bunch.
It's airy and light and the best painting decision I have ever made for this space. Wish I had been painting these adjoining rooms the same color all along.
Lesson learned.
My new furniture has arrived....and of course there were and still are a few snags....when everything is all ironed out....I'll give you a looksy....ok ?

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