Monday, March 28, 2011

Goins On Round Here

The weather was so nice last week, nice enough to open up the windows and let the sun shine in. The very second Daisy hears the window open up she is in it, alarming us to each and every thing she sees move and on a windy day this is torture for she barks at even a blowing leaf.
This shelf was light blue which caused it to blend in with my new to the paint patio she went and I love her fresh shade of teal.
Red paint, oh it makes anything better. Except for toes in my opinion.... I like light pink on my toes.
I added a few more elements to the mantle and harth.
I got this leaning shelf at a consignment shop I love that it gives me somewhere to put more goodies.
Perhaps my favorite goins on of this past week is a new addition.
Can you believe I just now got myself a chalkboard. I'm the last one I know.

I said to my mom...I need a chalkboard, and as usual she replied

"oh I have one in the basement"

Oh JOY...can I have it?

It is an old chalkboard from my home church they were going to toss it.
and as is appropriate of any vintage, antique, junk loving lady....she saved it.
and I am so glad...because we LOVE it.

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carrie said...

I love your wall color. May I ask what it is? I am looking for just such a color. I agree that painting anything red just makes it better. Also love the teal, and the chalkboard and the chalk behind the glass - so pretty. The paint porch sounds seriously inviting. :)

katie said...

I have always loved the colors of chalk. Putting them in a jar, just looks so perfect.

A Little Of A Lot said...

You are so not the last person to get a chalkboard, I am, LOL.
I was just looking around my litchen and wondering where to put one and DUH, right here in the corner next to the window and computer desk. I believe this will be my home craft project for the week :)

Natalie said...

Love the chalkboard. What a nice addition to your kitchen.

Natalie said...

Love the chalkboard. what a nice addition to your kitchen!

Heather at Life Made Lovely said...

i love that you put the fun chalk in that jar. so fun!!