Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicken Taquitos and Fancy Dinner for Kids

Nope...I could never be a food blogger or write a lovely cookbook.
Couple reasons why.
I don't cook that well.
I make HUGE's not pretty.
And...the above photo is always the point when it hits me that I should blog the prep and cooking of this dish.
So you get no pretty photo of all the ingredients all lined up.
You walk right into my mess.
Oh well...come on let's go and I promise thanks to Sara at Our Best Bites
you will have pretty photos and step by step instructions to look at along the way.

Oh and go there for the recipe too.

Alright so...we in my house loathe cilantro and green onions so I left those out.

I was tempted to leave out the green salsa too, because we have never had it but I took a risk and included it......glad I did.
I always shred my cheese I don't like pre-shredded cheese. I know it's probably the same, it's just me.
When you get your shredded chicken, cheese and other ingredients mixed up good put it in your tortillas (I used flour no corn) and roll them up tight. I made 10 taquitos.
This is the green salsa I case you have no clue what to buy...this one was very very good.
Before popping them in the oven spray them with cooking spray and sprinkle with kosher salt.

So fast....these were done in 10 minutes.
Serve with black beans....a perfect meal.
These were so so good....creamy...cheesey...crunchy tortilla.....all things that I love.
I didn't miss the cilantro or green onions at all.
To make it fancy and special for Chloe I went to pandora and created a Mexican music station. It spices up the atmosphere and Chloe loves theme music at dinner.
This began when I made pizza on Valentine's Day and created an Italian station, the music added such a touch to dinner and now it's something we all enjoy doing.
It's very easy to do for instance today I googled Mexican Restaurant Music and found the name of a Mexican artist (musician).
Then I go to pandora and search that musician or a song...then Pandora will play music "like" that artist or song.
It's continuous and plays all thru fun !!
If you let it play while clean up is going on Daddy may dance while he's washing dishes that's a treat too....not that I have seen that (wink).

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rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

I could so relate to this! Thank you for sharing!