Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Sheet Cozy Cottage

Another vintage sheet project.
These strips are coming out of my ears and I will just keep creating until they are gone.

I grabbed a house, don't we all keep a spare house around and of course some
vintage sheet strips.

First, glue strips over the top, because you can't wrap around the top simply so this gets the trick done.
Then just glue and wrap until the whole house is covered.

I added a door and a garland.
Sweet lil' charming lil' cottage.
 I just keep thinking of things I can wrap these strips around ......
the four- leggers better go get under the bed.

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Ali Richardson said...

Love this!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

So stinkin' super cute!

Unknown said...

oh my word!!! this is SO cute!! i love it!!