Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do It Yourself Paper Lanterns

This past weekend I told you I gussied up some paper lanterns for Chloe's room.
I took plain yellow paper lanterns.
I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

This was the very first time I had constructed a paper lantern.
That's kind of a fragile task huh ?
I just knew I would destroy one or more of them.

After I successfully constructed the lanterns and had a cold drink ( it was that stressful )
and yes it was a sweet tea.
Anyway....then I knotted a guess what ??
A strip of vintage can begin to see a running theme here huh?
I knotted a strip of vintage sheet around each lantern.
I don't love things that are perfect ......  so I tied the strips on so that they are  kinda wonky.  
If you like things straight and all lined up and square and stuff, by all means...tie yours on straight.

I like them.
Chloe loves them.
They move ever so slightly when the air blows thru the vents in her ceiling.
It's dreamy.

The far most right one I am not crazy about the way it is hanging, it reminds me of a ninja the way the knot is showing on the side, I may turn it around .... but then that may be too perfect now won't it ??

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The Real VD said...

Anything that is reminiscent of Ninjas by default is cool. LEAVE IT.

Mdegraeve said...