Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Storage To Fancy Storage ---- Another Vintage Sheet Project

Well, Hello Fancy Storage. I can't wait to find a pile of something somewhere in my home that will fit nicely into this
piece of vintage sheet eye candy.
I had a box.
These are a few dollars at a craft shop.
They fold up, once we fancy it up though, it will never fold up again.
So if you want it to still collapse, don't you dare do the following to it.......

Here is that pile of vintage sheet strips I have been creating out of.
Still plenty to go.
I am  ripping these as I go into the size of strips that I need.
For this project use a wider strip, it covers better for a larger item such as this box.

Glue your first strip on.
Start at the top or bottom.
Glue it good.
Then wrap it around slightly overlapping it until you come to the end.
Glue the end down.
Glue it good.
I feel a Devo moment coming on.....Glue it....Glue it good....I'm an 80's kid.....who could blame me ?

Keep repeating until your box looks like this.
Pretty huh?
I added a few rolled flowers also made from the strips.
I am making such good use of all these sheet leftovers.
It feels good, kinda like when you make dinner and there are just enough leftovers for a lunch for tomorrow for the hubs and yourself and dinner another night.
Yes !!!!

This would make a nice Mother's Day  gift for my Mom...wonder if she would like one for her magazines ??
After reading this I am sure she will let me know.....let me know...ok Mom ?
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Ali Richardson said...

LOVE this!!! It's so so pretty! Keep using those beautiful scraps :)

Unknown said...

Love this! So cute!