Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring ... Cooking .... Soul Train

Spring is soooo teasing us around here. 
Near 80 degree days, every one's toes are out, starting to get some color from working out in the yard. 
It's exciting.
Love this time of year, not a Fall/Winter girl at all.

I have stocked the bird feeders with feed and I an anxiously awaiting the birds....I moved the "main" feeder this year, I keep stressing that they will not "find" it.
Mr. JaneSays says I'm crazy .... he may be right
Had one cardinal today...that is all.
I want a feeding frenzy...let's go already.

photo credit.
Made these pork chops for dinner.
So so good.
Pork Chops were on sale....made them even better....swear it !!
So there is a mention on the recipe about the bottom of these chops being soggy in the end, it is suggested that you bake them on a rack of sorts to avoid this.  So I did this and  and no go, they are still a bit moist on the bottom so the rack thing didn't really work for me.
I removed my chops from the rack, put them directly on the pan, cranked up the temp 25 degrees and baked them about 5 more minutes...they were perfect.
I think to avoid some the sogginess, and mine were not real soggy just a tad, anyway...I think when you dip them in the ranch dressing prior to dredging them in the crumb mixture...get a lot of  the excess off, kinda rub in it and scrape the extra off.
I think that would help.
Aside from all that jazz they were very very tasty, Chloe ate them that is always a plus.
I served mine with green beans and garlic mashed red potatoes.
Definitely a Pinterest Do The Best Pork Chops You Will Ever Taste .

photo credit

Chicken Tamale Pie, I made this that it's chicken, seeing as I have quit ground beef.
Another really good dish.
Easy and very quick.
One was just a bit mushier than I thought it would be.  It didn't really bother me, but if you have a weak stomach in your home that at times just can't handle mushy food, this may not be a good fit.
Overall a Pinterst Do though.  Give it a  try !!

A Pinterst Don't that really requires no photo is making your own liquid foaming soap by adding a few squirts of liquid soap and the rest water to a foaming soap dispenser. 
Yes it works. 
Yes the soap is foamy.
The soap just does not feel soapy enough. 
I ended up using three or four pumps compared to the usual one, which while in the long run may still come out to be cheaper, I simply am not interested in making soap every 3 days.  I wash my hands a lot.  A LOT.
"Real" foaming soap is not that costly .... just buy the real deal.

I want the Soul Train DVD set really really bad.
I told you this post was random.
I love(d) this show.
Saturdays.... cartoons then Soul Train.
Remember the Asian girl with the really long hair, she was my favorite.
Keeping my eyes open on ebay for a good deal, you know these Time Life collections cost big bucks.

Dear Easter Bunny, you know that Soul Train DVD set ..........

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