Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am a Granny


It's official.
I am a granny.
Not because I sew.
Not because I get in the bed most nights by 8:30.
Not because I crochet...because I don't

Because I can  make dumplings....chicken and dumplings.
And they are Goooooooooood.

Once again a Pinterest Do recipe.
Chicken and Dumplings.
Easy easy easy, I can not stress how easy this was.
Just follow this recipe.
Simple as can be.

Also, if you can't find your rolling pin you can most certainly roll out your dumpling dough with a bottle of S. Pellergrino.
Then while looking for your dough scraper so you can clean off your counter top you will find your rolling pin.

This recipe calls for cooked chicken, which you add after your dumplings have cooked for a while.
I have always ALWAYS just boiled my chicken when I needed cooked chicken for something.
Tonight I baked it.
Rubbed it with some olive oil, salt and peppered it and baked 2 boneless breasts for 25 minutes.
They were perfect....sooo much better than poaching (boiling).

Make these Chicken and Dumplings.
Your family will lick their plate (in my case literally).
I let them it was funny.
You will feel so accomplished in your kitchen.

I always shied a away from dumplings.
Not anymore.
I am a granny.
I can make Chicken and Dumplings.

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