Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas Cookie Day

As the mom I feel the tradition making is up to I want to make sure we have good ones.
I like traditions....they are comforting and hopefully memorable.
They carry on......the best ones, keep thoughts of loved ones we once knew..... alive. My mom and I began a cookie baking tradition with Chloe.
It would be my wish that Chloe would keep this tradition with her children and tell them about her early cooking baking days, and maybe they even make some of the same recipes...that would be cool.
We have cookie day in Decmeber, before Christmas.
Chloe jumped at the job of buttering the pan and quickly found out
it's easier if you stick your tongue out ( I love that).
Chocolate chip cookies and peanuts and peanut butter Ritz crackers coated in white chocolate
are always on the menu.
This year we added whoopie pies.
We had never made them before this day.
We did a basic chocolate whoopie pie.
I was sadly not impressed.
I wanted to be, they were so pretty....the creme filling was so fluffy and sweet, I could
have eaten a bowl of that, but the creme and the cookie sandwich together....hmmm, not for me.

Maybe I would like a different flavor.
Like maybe.....

Peanut Butter

Red Velvet


Yea....banana...that sounds good.
I'm pooped though....all cookied out.....maybe next year.
have a happy day
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Anonymous said...

Oh, those look amazing!