Friday, December 31, 2010

Party Like It's 2011

With daddy on his way home from a golf trip
the Chloe and I are partying by ourselves until he arrives.
We hit Carrabba's for an early dinner
we are both stuffed with know the kind you dip in the olive oil with the spices...yum.
No party is complete without a little dancing
Chloe begged me to pull out DJ Kool...Let Me Clear My Throat
certainly not the kind of music I allow her to listen to, well ever.... but it does have a great beat
and she wanted to get down.... it only took her hearing it once a while back on the 80's channel in the car to know she like it.
So I obliged.
Just this once.
She has never been up for the new know the ball drop the hugging the kissing and all that.
This will be her first year, she has heard mention of the ball drop on TV....hope she is not disappointed, I think she is expecting some sort of explosion or something the way she keeps talking about "THE BALL DROP...PKKKEewwwwwWWW"(that was an explosion sound effect.) party ya'll and ring her in good. Later this week I'll recap 2010 for ya's since I was a non-blogger for most of it

have a happy day
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