Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today's Treat

Anyone for a picnic?
How bout a picnic basket?
One of this week's finds, I do love it... this lil' vintage picnic basket.
It's the first one I have found....I have seen them in antique shops or on etsy
that doesn't count.
I like to discover it....rescue it from a thrift store and pay $4.14 for it.
Can I get a Yee Haw ?
It has a fair amount of rust.
That makes is all the sweeter...right ?
Plaid is hot...I am lovin' the plaid.
Now I think I need these....look at those pretty plaid baskets.

Strange bonus it was stuffed and I mean stuffed with frog eyes and owl eyes and beaks.
I will not be making any of these any time soon....though I do think I can think of a couple of cute crafts for the Chloe and I....we like owls. If you think you might like one set...drop me a note and if you pay the exact shipping I'm happy to share.....Free owl eyes and a beak to match.....nice of me huh?
have a happy day

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LibraryGirl62 said...

Love the basket...eyes and beaks creep me out! Enjoy!

barefootbeadshawaii said...

HI! are you still sharing?? I love these and I live in Hawaii where they are oh so difficult to share. I am more than happy to pay for shipping if you still have a few! :) Love your blog!