Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The playroom.
It's a room that touches my need for organization nerve,
my need for everything in it's place nerve.
My clutter (for instance in my studio) does not bother me as much as someone else's clutter....little selfish of me I know.
I don't allow Mr. JaneSays or Chloe to have any junk lying around while I have piles and stacks of this and that here and there.
But...I know there is a method to my madness...(haha)
I on the other hand have no clue why Mr. JaneSays needs to leave his wallet and keys and a random golf tee and a receipt lying on my bar.....OR why Chloe needs a pile of happy meal toys, a littlest pet shop puppy, a note she has half written to me and a hair bow on my coffee table at all times.
A place for everything and everything in it's place....drill sergeant .... I know.
Back to this playroom.
I bulldoze this joint before every birthday and Christmas.
The key word here is before, I never get much accomplished before....because before there are "new" toys all the old toys are still needed and loved and cherished.

This year I waited until after Christmas and lo and behold we moved so much stuff out.
I was on a cleanliness cloud 9, happy as a lark I was.
Bag after bag.

Box after box....toys she never touches....leaving at Chloe's approval as opposed to her screaming Moooommmmmm...I still play with that !!!!!

I feel very accomplished to have gotten rid of so many toys that are not used.....and I am thrilled that I have, thru much trial and error, found the best possible time to bring in the bulldozer, after and not before.
Clearly the everything in it's place is not sticking with someone....ya think?
He should hope he gets that moved before I get out the decoupage and glitter to work on some Valentine goodies.
have a happy day
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