Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get Your Roll On

All of my wrapping is done. I have no more gifts stuck here, hiding there, I hope.
I have finished off 4 rolls of wrapping paper this season, one just today.
At the end of each roll a bell that could only be heard by G and Chloe sounded, that bell signified the beginning of a wrapping paper roll "sword" fight.
They beat each other and the walls and sometimes the dogs until the rolls completely fell apart or I stepped in. Today it was just me and Chloe at home.
As I finished off a roll I took my own sanity into account.
It was so quiet, Chloe was watching Santa Buddies, the dogs were snoozing in front of the fire....the last thing I wanted was for Chloe to spot the brown tube with soooo many minutes of beating and thrashing packed inside just waiting to be released.
I first stood the roll behind the garbage can.
Well that won't work, Chloe throws a water bottle,a fruit chewies wrapper or tissue away every few minutes it would seem...and well she would surely spot it there.

I tucked it ever so discreetly behind a stack of gifts.
That too would not work, Chloe shakes these gifts, that are destined for Grandma's house every few minutes.

There is only one thing to do....stand it out .... alone, in the cold on the back porch.
Hoping now that G comes home in a not so playful mood and walks right past the "sword". In case he doesn't I have picked a hiding place for me and the dogs....because who am I kiddng...Chloe loves it.
Here are some great uses for used wrapping paper rolls that will not drive mom crazy.
1. Crafting.....for sure !!!
2. Preserving the little one's art.....roll up...stick inside.
3. Kindling for your fire.
4. Imagination....makes a great telescope.
5. Great way to store fabric or tablecloths and other linens....roll em' up.
have a happy day

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Oh, I am so excited that you are back! I have sincerely missed you. Merry, Merry Christmas!

periblue2 said...

I love your ideas for recycling wrapping paper rolls.The storage of linens is very creative. Your presents also look beautiful. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hi, April
I love your bright, cheery, blog banner. And I love the fun Chloe had with the dogs and the "sword".
The rolls also make great fake pillars for small paper doll theaters. Use an empty cigar box, paint it, glue goodies onto it, in the inside of it, attach curtains(crepe paper or fabric) on the inside with a stapler on either side of the box. (Oh, and take the lid off the box too). Then paint and glue goodies onto the 'pillars' and glue them on either side of the theater. Wallah! One, whimsical Paper doll theater! Add paper dolls.
Now I will go to your shop and see what you have for sale!
Thank you for the Christmas email too!
Teresa S. in CA
I hope to begin a blog this year, it is just so much fun!
Have a lovely holiday!

VoteAudrey said...

I'm digging that lovely turquoise paint on the walls! Love! And congrats on reviving the blog :)