Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colors of Love Garland Tutorial

Don't just pretty up your mantle at Christmas
Valentine's Day is a lovely excuse to doll that plain ole' mantle up one more time.
I'm going to show you just the way.
This tutorial is for my newest Valentine item the Colors of Love Garland
and it's very pretty, it's very simple and it makes use of gently used paper friendly. So get you a stack of paper bags and smooth those babies out.
Make yourself a heart template so all your hearts will be the same and trace that all over your bag....careful not to trace on the seams where the bag is glued.
Make use of your whole bag, either take it apart or cut thru both sides at once. Don't waste any.
Oh can use fast food bags too when you begin to put this together you can just turn the printed side in.
Take 2 of your hearts and turn the printed or most wrinkled or ugliest sides in.

Sew them together.
I begin about an inch from the point you can begin really anywhere.

This the is point, here in between the humps, that you would stick a string or ribbon if you wish to make a heart ornament.
Like this.
If you are not making an ornament continue to sew around....REMEMBER to leave a hole so you can stuff it.
Voila !
Get a small and I mean teeny amount of stuffing because this is paper and you don't want to over stuff may burst and tear.
Stuff it.
See I had this much left over....lightly stuffed is important.
Pick out paint colors...since my garland is Valentiney I chose red, pink, gold and hot pink.
Cardinal red.....Deery approves.
Paint it, I like to sparsely paint mine so I can see some bag, do what you like....... and this is first grade...but let it dry. k?
You can glitter them too....just paint with decoupage and glitter.
After it has dried this is a good place to add wording if you like...cut out lovely words from a vintage book and glue onto your heart.
Just a lil' more sewing...thread a large needle with string.
I used a rather thick string.
I insert the needle about 1 inch down from the humps.
Into the front and around the back and back thru on the other side in the same spot.
Like this.
Here is the back.
So make a pile or just a few.
String them all up.
Hang her up and have a LOVEly Valentine's Day !!!!
This one and many more can be found at JaneSays.
The red and white pom pom garland is simple to make too...ready here is the tutorial for that....string some pom poms....see...told you that it was simple.
have a happy day
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LeeLu Creations said...

Adorable! I love it. And your mantel is super cute also!

Sunny simple life said...

I love it. This uncrafty gal can do that pom pom thing. Love the red and white my favorite.

Mindy said...

I love this... so much that I made it! Thought you might enjoy seeing my version. :) Thanks for the tutorial! (I linked to your post in mine)
Also- I am going to make that pom pom garland! Simple, yet adorable.