Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Gift

This is the BEST last minute gift.
Not because it's mine.
Not because I created it.
Because it's affordable.
Because it's simple.
Because you don't have to run out to Target or the mall to get it. Buy my Vintage Bird Calendar at JaneSays....and if you purchase it Christmas Eve you will get $1.00 off (which will be refunded). Mention you read this on my blog in the notes to seller at checkout.

Now....after you get your file by email...print many times as you like.
Cut it up.
Wrap it up beautifully with some yarn and a spring of greenery.
Some beautiful ways for the recipient to display it are
1. One a string with clothespins
2. Frame the current month in a tabletop style frame
3. I like the acrylic frames with the magnet on the back to stick it on the fridge

I have given so many of these this year...coupled with a frame or string and clothespins...its a lovely useful gift.

Shopping made are welcome (wink)

have a happy day
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