Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sheet Love

When I opened my vintage shop I really really liked vintage sheets.
Now I really really LOVE vintage sheets. Pure Candy. On most days there is a stack of freshly laundered sheets sitting, waiting to be listed in the shop.
Sometimes I enjoy the colors so much I leave the stack for days....and sometimes I photograph them. They make me happy.
I have oodles that I can't part with, but I'm saving them for what?
I can't cut them, it's a silly lil' sickness I have pulled them out and tried to get crafty with them BUT then they would be sad.
Since I am such a weenie no good vintage sheet cuttin up chicken let's look at some delicious and I mean delicious creations of creative folks whom were not afraid to cut the vintage candy.
This wreath by Jeni at In Color Order makes me swoon...I want it badly. Yes...just as it says you can go here and learn how to make one and if you want to then offer it to me for a good price that would be so nice of you. This just might be worth cutting up some sheets.

If only Mr. JaneSays would don one of these babies. Drew of Kitsch Cafe....I LOVE these vintage sheet neck ties. How much do you want to see a wedding where the groomsmen are wearing these....yum.

Anne at Get Your Martha On created these oh oh my beautiful napkins from vintage sheets. Now that is a lovely idea and once again there is a helpful tutorial.
I never would have thought to do this....plain ole file folders covered in vintage sheet fabric. I found this project here on Design Sponge the creator is linked there be sure to check her out.
Love them. Pajama pants for the wee ones of course from vintage sheets. Created by can visit her blog here.
If you frequent etsy at all you have seen yummies by Candace of Sparkle Power and these vintage sheet stockings are no exception to her always make only lovely things rule. These would make any mantle va va vintagely teriffic.

Stunning. Useful. Created from vintage sheets. Perfection. Elizabeth at Oh Franssson! this basket is just beautiful. She has kindly laid out an easy to follow tutorial for this beauty.
Now are you convinced at the usefulness and the beauty of vintage's very easy to do if you can get past the thought of playing around with something someone slept on.....I must admit that took me a bit. A little laundry detergent some hot water washes all the ickies away....really it does.
have a happy day
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LibraryGirl62 said...

Filing this away for "Someday"~post kids, post Master's Degree~when someday I may have time...So beautiful!