Sunday, November 8, 2009

weekend in review

weekends are good
love em'
so far FALL here has been fabulous
mid 70's
just lovely even the dog could not resist a lil'
basking in the rays
this means one thing
mama is gonna paint something
run while you can
cause if I catch you
we will be fitting your hand for a paint brush
a sweet lil pair of flocked deer arrived
meaning one thing
I plan to keep my lovelies for myself
I just don't see me parting with them
now Chloe has her own set for playing
in no time these cuties will be wearing capes
and marching along with nutcrackers
which Chloe made daddy dig out of
the Christmas stuff this weekend
and thank you Target
our first TOY catalog of the season
I want dis....and dis.....and dis......
a surprise package of yummy scraps
and trims arrived from a sweet friend
thank you friend.
cars were washed
Sunday morning we decided to take off from church
and head for the mountains
even when the leaves have gone brown
its still so breath-taking.
looking glass falls
no words...really...none

some of us dug beef jerky out of our teeth
with our fingers
for crying out loud
lots of walking
this is a large and long rock you can slide on
correctly named slippery rock
no thanks
we found a dryer and safer version

we went in tunnels
and came out of tunnels
much like we do weekends
they go by so fast
but they sure are fun
have a happy day
FYI.....the little reason to keep coming back here that I mentioned in the last post...OH..its gonna be so is a hint....over 20 shops !!!!!! December here !!!
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Anonymous said...

So great! Those falls are gorgeous!

orangekisses said...

love your blog! can't wait til 12/1! thank you~

Allikaye's Mama said...

What great pictures! And your beauty is looking so much older inthose pictures...compared to when I first started reading your blog...over a year ago? Can't wait to see what you have in store!!