Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fried Food

It calls for me
it has my number
it does not call a lot
but it calls
Fried food
maybe you know it
maybe you know it well
maybe you have only met once or twice
and I am so sad for you if you have NEVER met...oh my!
There are days that I require
fried food just to get by
stressful days
long days
busy days
My on again off again love affair with fried food will never end
it calms my nerves
makes me feel better
(well at least while I am eating it)
we will not mention the guilt that sometimes follows
I don't worry about my hips
my butt
my thighs
zits...come on..that has to be a tale...grease does not give you zits
if so I would be a walking zit a couple times a year
and I never have them
I don't sweat it....I eat it.....and I love it.

have a happy day

and oh yea.....there is something WONDERFUL brewing here at the ole will want to make sure you keep coming back...soon there will be an event you do not wanna miss !!!
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Anonymous said...

Hehe every girl with PMS can relate to this. My weakness is chocolate, but it's all good at least the taste anyway!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

oh my.