Friday, November 13, 2009

high emotion

bath time
has forever been a time of high emotion for me
funny times like the above photo
her hair looked so silly
she just made me laugh
and she knows when she has me laughing
if she makes crazy faces I'll laugh harder
I love that she tries to make me laugh
random bubbles from down below....funny
slipping and falling ( when she does not get hurt) ....funny
shampoo mohawks....funny
difficult times
when it has been a long day
often the last thing I wanna do is
bathe Chloe
water everywhere
soap in her eyes and sometimes mine too
going thru 2 or 3 towels for the flooded floor
too many toys in the tub .... can't find the soap
take and extra 5 minutes just to pick up and shake
all the water out of too many toys
warm and fuzzy times
when she listens
and sits so still while I get the
job done
when I showed her how to rub her little hands
on the soap and press them together
then open them in a diamond shape and
blow....and makes a bubble...the wonderment
just like I did with my mom when
I was little
or when I showed her how to lay the washcloth
on top of the water and then gather it under the water
capturing the air inside...making it look like a plump mushroom
then you squeeeeze and watch it fizz as the air escapes...oh the things mommies can do
Sadness and happiness and confusion....when did her legs get so long
she is nearly as long as the tub
For all of these reasons and more bath time will always be something I remember
the small room of our house has had so much much much exhaustion as one of the last chores of the day is performed....washing the little one. I know the day is coming fast....but I am gonna miss bath time....ya think she'll let me at least come in a chat while she takes her bath when she gets bigger.....ya think she'll still splash me......I hope so.

have a happy day
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