Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Was So Mad

I was
I was so mad
just like little critter
I let some humans and their policies(said in a whiny high-pitched voice) get to me
I went to one of my favorite thrift stores
on this glorious WET Tuesday
its glorious cause its my day off
I saw a bag of fabric
I had to have it....it was overflowing
with dotted swiss
I snatched it up
and skipped....humming la la la laaaaaaaa
to the checkout lane
says the unfriendly lady to happy me
"I can't sell you that...it does not have a price"
Says surprised me
"SERIOUS???!!!!??...I know how much they are....I buy them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time...I'll pay you double"
Says mean ole her "sorry I can't it has to go back in the back and be re-processed and priced"
Says unhappy me "that is a stinkin' policy....how dumb...you are a thrift store for crying out loud...you sell ....well....junk...come on"
Says very mean her "sorry"
Says gettin' kinda mad me " get your manager"
I basically give the manager the same song and dance routine
NO GO....they will not sell me the fabric
it had to be reprocessed (whiny high pitched voice again)
So I asked well...how long will it take to get this bag of vintage goodness back on the shelf
I want it....to which they reply.....we have no idea
UGH....sure !!!!!! I say
So I leave.....sad....mad.....just downright upset
and I phone the regional manager's office
well he said they did the right thing...that is the policy
well may be I say...but its a dumb one
he said....in this case though....it should be back on the shelf in one hour
did you say one hour?
Yes (with fist pump)
hi ladies...me again
manager says the bag should be back out within the hour
I can tell they hate me
and so it was...my bag...all mine mine mine
and thank you for doing business with me
mean ole policy following ladies
I'm so happy now.....the fabric is wonderful....and I am happy...with or without dumb policies.

have a happy day
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Heidi said...

Super funny story! Good for you though for getting the bag.

Michelle said...

Did that store happen to be Community Thrift in Charlotte? If so, I have done the SAME thing! Makes you mad---like you want to ask them..."Who was the dork who didn't follow 'policy' by putting something without a price tag on the shelf anyway?"
Glad you ended up getting it!

Michele-thisgoodday said...

Argghhh!!! You are sooo persistent...we have a bunch of different thrift stores in our area with the same hopeless policy...you are so brave to have gone back and faced the mean ole ladies...me...I kindly bring the item to the counter and dutifully report to them that they have missed the price tag...wistfully wondering who the lucky person is that will eventually be the one to snatch it. They need to change policy to "whoever puts an item on the shelf without a price tag has to go through the spanking machine!" Your story has empowered me to try harder next time...thank you! :)

Makin' Me Crazy said...

Well where is the pic of your goodies??? I want to see...pretty please:)

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Must see picture of said fabric!!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

How I could feel your pain and frustration. Thank goodness your $50 worth of effort prevailed so you could snag that bag for a few dollars! After all there was dotted swiss involved!!
Will this rain ever end!!
xo, suzy

More Paper Than Shoes said...

lol, I would have done the same thing!! You go girl!!