Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wipe the dust and fingerprints off my sunglasses please....

Oh yea....uh huh...needed these babies today fo sho' so bright and dare I say hot here no..don't get me wrong not hot like in a bad way...I am not gonna go from complaining about the cold to complaining about the hot....that good kind of make you all toasty and give you those rosy cheeks hot.... make ya wanna stick your feet in cold water hot. It is beautiful here today...I stayed home again today...still recovering from whatever I let take up residence in my face and throat...I am evicting you now...pack your things and go !!
My drink of choice today.....Garren said they do not make this (technically) for adults anymore, he ran out to get this for me last night...little sweeter when I am sick he is......but there is an adult dosage on the back...I swear.....I am sorry but I simply can not down most liquid meds....they give me the hibbie jibbies....blech !! Downer to this reminded me today that this med always made me hyper...guess what? still does.....sheeesh I need a nap I am wearing my lil' self out !!

Need a bird tag....plenty of the beauties skipping into JaneSays later today.
This little collection is going out the the sweetest of the sweet Ms. Holly.....hope your girls love these....these colors make me smile.

Package know how much I love packages....this arrived today from my friend Shelly of Lemon Tree Studio...some of the prettiest cards and goodies in her a visit. So this is the bag of fabric scraps I ordered.

and more.......look how beautifully wrapped.....I hate hate hate to open stuff that looks this good wrapped....don't be surprised if you don't see this fabric on anything for a will probably stayed wrapped for weeks.....dang it Shelly...could you not just throw in in a paper sack !!
My personal = bird lover.

and the card.....and the die for !! I am hooked.

have a happy day.
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lily eden said...

hi, hello! hope you have fun with the goodies!! and...hope you're feeling better (sux to be sick, i know!)
enjoy the sunshine!!

joyfullness said...

Hey!! What a package!! Thanks to you, i meandered over to lilyeden today...enjoyed her!! You should go check out THE NESTER at THE NESTING PLACE...she posted about her long lost hubby cappy today!!
I was tickled!! Feel better soon!!
Try some ZyrtecD...a little pricey.. but worth it!! I'm rowin' right beside you girl!! It's the yellow film of pollen all over everything!!!

joyfullness said...

Rut Row!! I messed up!! It wasn't the Nester who had a hubby cap post... it was my sweet friend Julie at Joy's Hope!! so sorry!!
Have a great day!! said...

i'm sorry you are sick.
did they stop making it for adults because of what's in it? because of all the meth-makers buying all teh sudafed? it's os annoying to have to be pu ton a list just buy some cold medcine. (do you even know what i am talking about or is this some crazy kansas thing?)
all you rgoodies are so pretty.
hope you feel better soon.

Trish said...

Hope you feel better! Your blog is super cute and cheerful. I will definitely be linking it from mine:) so I can visit it frequently!

Amy Bell said...

are you feeling better? :(