Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Together Tuesday on Wednesday....

Ah to catch you up on our together Tuesday...the day I stay home from work and Chloe and I get to shop and have adventures....and eat. We began the morning with breakfast at Panera Bread...Chloe had the Chocolate Chip Muffie.....I had the Asiago Cheese Bagel...Mmmmm. Then off to Old Navy...we bought a pile of clothes. This is the pile of toys that got put on top of the fridge for the rest of the day.....why you say? Well let's just say Chloe was pretending she worked at Old navy and rearranged the racks ?!?
Then we made mud/mulch pies....and then we stood in them.....and to end the pie making session in true 3 year old fashion...Chloe sat in it.

We bought these at Target.....

they make the bath water look like this....or red...or green...or yellow...or any other color you can create.....Chloe loves it.

We saw Horton Hears a Who! on Saturday...thanks for the recommendation was we had to buy this shampoo...that's JoJo...he is a Who. Take your family...its very good.

I love these soaps....they dont slip outta your hand.....and smell delish !!

Mommy bird was feeding...I missed it....sorry

but I caught daddy....what a great daddy...look at those little cuties.
have a happy day!!
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Allikaye's Mama said...

I love when you tell us what you bought! Those color dotz look fun! AND!!! I have a bird's nest in my wreath on my front door! I thought of you when I found it! I will post pictures soon! Except - my photography is not as wonderful as yours, and my birds aren't as willing to "hang out" while I am staring at them! Yours sure are tame!! :0)

The Gerster Family said...

What a fun day together! I go back to work pretty soon. My day of with little Mia will be Monday...I'll have to start a "Mommy & Mia Monday" post.

Amy Bell said...

oh, these days are my favorite posts...well, I don't know..I pretty much love your blog! :D So glad you liked the movie. Cute,huh? The boys are still talkin about it. Look at all the fun things you bought! Is she still doing button organizing? That post made me laugh..She is SO cute.

talk to you soon!