Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's Me Time

For those of you who don't know my name is its officially me now...when I was little it was so fun for the month of April to name was mentioned all the time...everyone wrote it at least once a a child that is just the coolest each and every time you write or hear the date.....think of's the month of ME......Yipeeeee. Cards.....and more cards
birdie goodies.....

A smashing paper brooch....
A super sweet hanging scrapbook know you need this one...or....I can make one just for you.....each hanging scrapbook page has clear photo corners so you can change your photo when you fell moved to do so....... Credit is due to my own personal model...thank you Lei Lei. For any of these goodies go to the SHOP.Three messages today...all about the house....come on..somebody buy my house already.

Chloe's babies...she simply can not wait for these to sprout...she asks me once an hour if they are growing yet...and really does not believe me when I tell her no...standing on her tiptoes trying to see for herself.These cookies generally give us a hard time....Chocolate oatmeal cookies...ours never harden we have to eat them off the wax paper with our today Garren comes home with instructions and a recipe from another guy at work...what?!...a guy...ok....if this works I will flip..............................Let the flipping begin....Delish !! Thanks guy at work.
Look how sweet.....I'm done....can I come in now?? She looks like a little door to door salesman....I would buy sooo many cookies from her....lil' cutie
have a happy day
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amybell said...

You stories crack me up...April is my bday month, but not so excited about this baday...33. Hmm...not really a big one, but feels kind of BIG. :) Hope your day is better than the grey skys here!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy April, April!!! LOVE those birdies!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am going to number my comments (for fun):
1. Where are those birdies on your etsy???
2. You should post the recipe for those cookies - the work guy version!
3. I bought the Life:Beautiful magazine at Wal-Mart! I'm saving it for the plane ride Saturday!
4. I think I want to get some of your colorful flower things (like your banner) and sew them to my daughter's curtains!
5. I am a new etsy person and not sure how to order those flower things!!!
6. Cute Lei Lei!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Okay, my creative friend...I would L-o-v-e some fabric flowers! Can I tell you colors schemes?? Allikayes room has pink (light/med/dark), lime green, light blue, purple, yellow, orange...yay! I am going out of town until next week (Mexico...ole!) - and then we can discuss payment? And how to sign up with your etsy? You're going to be my first buy!! Woohoo!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am comment crazy...sorry...
here's my email:

Thanks! Ashley

joyfullness said...

Okay...what in the world!!! i'm who likes blue ink.. we have the same doormat that sweet LeiLei is waiting by....AND your little flower brooches are what i have been pain stakingly sewing for weeks now!!! i have been sewing and testing and resewing.. and i am opening my etsy shop tomorrow night... come see me if you can.. you will like... oh and Life Beautiful is opened up to page 37 with a clippy thing holding it open.. on my coffee table...WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! i have a perfect cookie recipe for you... maybe i will blog about it... come and see!
i just started my blog 2 weeks ago or so.. very newbee.. but trying my hardest!! And i love your blog.. and blue ink (i think i already mentioned that earlier!!) oh and my hubby is a huge Steeler..
oh..and our couches are almost the same except mine isn't in a super fancy sun room..loved that!! I was wondering also.. who's Jane??..and what does she say???:)