Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Six of One/Half a Dozen of the Other.

This is a post that will point out the obvious. At least is seems obvious to us...but maybe we are thinking a little too much of ourselves....nah. For some time now Ms. Little Bit Funky and I have been good "buddies"...we like a lot of the same things(birds, nests, pretty colors, ribbons, buttons, frills and cheap thrills)and papers, embellishments and doo-dads. A thought may have trickled through your head that sounded something like this "Hmmmm, for someone who is so anti-copying April's stuff sure looks a lot like that Little Bit Funky girl." Or the other way around. If you never thought that you can go here. It's OK if you thought it because if I did not know Crystal I would maybe think it too...because more times than not and often at the same time, unbeknownst to each other we list a lot of the same or similar items, with similar papers or embellishments. You may have even noticed that we post similar photos on our blogs or talk about similar things in our lives...but WE want you to know that we know this...and we are completely OK with it. This is the kind of "copying" where you and your best friend went shopping separately and bought the same shoes...not like you saw the cool girl at school buying those shoes and you snuck in the shoe store when she left, bought the same shoes and then pretended like you didn't see her buy them. Got it? We have talked about it, laughed and giggled about it and think that it is a result of two people who are just similar...we are friends, talk almost every day, encourage and make fun of each other, we buy from each other and send customers to each we know those similarities are there...and in this case the "copying" doesn't bother us because we know the person behind the product. :) Don't you feel better now? In fact, in case you need further convincing...(I see that doubt in your eye) keep on the look out for some Little Jane Funky things...or Jane Says Funky...or Little Funky Jane....

be back later with the Together Tuesday Post

have a happy day
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Amy Bell said...

you two crack me up...I ready C's first today and then went to yours...and laughed out loud. :)