Thursday, April 17, 2008

sniff sniff.....

I was just sitting here at my desk....and a smell passed by my nose...that reminded me of the smell of a new barbie you know the smell I am speaking of..that new plastic smell...and I remember wanting my barbie to smell new as long as she could. Anyway....that incident made me begin to ponder smells from my childhood that were comforting....and when I smell those smells now...they send me right back.

1. The laundry smell coming out of the vent outside....that is a good smell.
2. Mom's clothes....when you would open one of Mom's drawers or her closet the smell...Mmmm..smells like Mom.
3. An old ice cream not a new one...and old one...the smell of the ice cream and the equipment and the floor...altogether....yummy...dont ask me why I think the floor added to the smell...I just do.
4. Paw Paw's truck...the cab of the truck...that's comforting.
5. Your pencil box at school...the combo of crayons..pencils..erasers...Ahhh..days gone by.
6. The smell playground equipment would leave on your hands...that metal smell...gotta love the merry-go-round...I don't see those anymore...what a shame.
7. The smell of lighting bugs and ladybugs....not really a good smell but so reminiscent.
8. The smell of old church hymnals.
9. The smell of a party at school...cupcakes...chips..punch...excitement
10. White rain hairspray....gotta get those bangs up....loved the 80's.
11. Strawberry shortcake those days were so carefree...makes me wanna cry.
12. Ours was Mr. Softee..the ice cream truck that made stops in your neighborhood...that truck smelled so good.
13. The dirt floor of your make-shift clubhouse in the woods.
14. Grandma's house...need I say more.
15. and this last one...well its not so distant for me....but Mom's you know what I mean when I say the smell of a baby....Scrumptious...sweet sweet babies.

ok....let me know I am not the only smell crazy chic around...comment or do a smell post of your own.

have a happy day
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lily eden said...

wow! I can relate to pretty much all of your smells, lol! I still love the smell of a brand new pencil. Ooooh, and stawberry shortcake and all her little friends....yummy!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I love how your mind works! Those were great smells! I also love the smell of gasoline and yes, yes to Strawberry Shortcake smell...remember her friend, Peaches n' Cream?? Yumm!! Great happy great girl!

joyfullness said...

You are so funny!! I am a super sniffer too! Hubby thinks i am crazy.. Love that plastic!! Ahhh, Barbie.. and all her plastic furniture... and her big plastic RV!.... the smell list goes on and on... after i finish being tagged.. i will post on my smells.. i will let you know!!
Thanks for helping me remember!!

Scottie said...

Oh yeah...good smells!!! Grandpas truck cab is a great one... You forgot play doh...and Elmers Paste. :)

Amy Bell said...

Hmm...Miss Strawberry Shortcake..and she had a friend that kinda smelled like blueberry? Oh, the memories. I love the smell of new dolls...with 2 boys, I don't smell those Star Wars legos just don't have that smell...great post! I love it...

twiddlestix said...

I love how you write! You brought me right back into my childhood...those are great smells!

The Gerster Family said...

what a fun post! I love those old smells. I'll do one too...check it out :)

Moonegirl said...

Okay, I don't know you but I was checking your blog after seeing your Etsy shop and thinking we have some things in common. After reading your smells list, I am sure of it. Child of the 80's (well, born in 70's)?? I am pregnant and every smell I normally try to avoid, including bus fumes-I'm sniffing them up trying to remember the days gone by. Strawberry Shortcake (and Her Blueberry blonde friend,Huckleberry something were one of the best smells ever. I bought one for my little girl just so I could sniff it. I will also admit to sniffing the Fruity Pebbles box, my sons school eraser, the wood of the #2 yellow pencil, the dirty lunch box, Grape Hubba Bubba Gum-all within the last week or 2. I'm sure there's more, but admitting to sniffing up all those diesel fumes is somewhat bad for the baby. Now, time to eat some Honey Nut Cheerios at 11 pm while the other kids sleep. They think I don't eat junk food. Hahahahaha