Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahhhh...A Collective Sigh ....the Weekend is Here

Yes it is supposed to get cloudy and cold AGAIN....but I am still so very happy to see the weekend arrive. Thanks so much to all of the well wishers...I am feeling much better just still have the nagging cough....I think I have a post nasal drip issue....sorry for the grossness...I hate those 3 words...ewwww !! Any one's granny have an old remedy....tell me...I'll try long as it does not involve taking my clothes off and running backwards around my house holding a carrot stick in my teeth. A sure sign that Chloe has been choosing herself a movie to watch....while it is another mess that I will have to clean up....its makes me laugh the way kids have that one track mind...must get movie...must watch

I know I know...another package from One Ripe Peach you ask....well yes !!

To borrow a fun post from Allie...let me share with you the things coming out of Chloe's mouth the last couple of days......

1. Mom....can I have popcorn....can I have popcorn...when can I have popcorn....will it take long to get some popcorn? ( tonight between 8:00 and 8:10)

2. Why do dinosaurs have tails? (Oh geeez...not this question again)

3. I want the fairy wings and the wand but I do not want the fairy dress. (because fairy wings really go best over a Steelers jersey)

4. I want some super loops (Chloe-ese for Fruit Loops)

5. Can I pop it...can I pop it? ( referring to her seat-belt the minute we pull in our neighborhood)

6. How do snails get in shells? (I dunno)

7. Who made dinosaurs? (God)....Who made God? ( that's detailed)....What's detailed? ( goodnight Chloe)

8. Bringing me one of her rubber spiders ....Where are the things on spiders that suck the guts outta rolly pollies? (during this time of year we find empty rolly polly carcasses under our kitchen cabinets that I assume spiders find at night and know)
9. I don't wanna wear shorts...pollen jocks don't wear shorts. (but you have such cute legs...come on)

10. When we move out of this house I wanna take all of my stuff....all of it. (ok baby....ok)

have a happy day

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alliehoopes said...

So I'm scrolling through my blogs at record speed mostly just looking at photos but I notice your list and I stop because I love lists. It's cute and I think 'hey, I kind of did that too!" Then there's my name :) Time to go eat some super loops.

Amy Bell said...

hey glad you are better..ok, this remedy DOES work..take Vicks rub and put it on your feet and then put socks on and sleep that will feel so much better. I have been doing it for a long time and the I put it on the kids...try it! :)..and, the person who told me about it? Trent's grandma Shirley...:)

lily eden said...

so my friend has this post nasal drip thingy...she swears by probiotics...i know you can get em at whole foods and maybe gnc?

she tells me its a miracle...i believe her. Worth a shot if you become desperate, huh?

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh! I can't wait until Allikaye speaks such words of wisdom, innocence, and curiosity!! I loved that! And I missed reading your posts! But we are back from vacation! yay!

Amy Bell said...

I did your tag today...:) hop over to my blog to see was fun. :)