Friday, September 2, 2011

Worm Lover

This kid of mine, the one reading her Bible in a McAllisters is just my favorite person.

Picture us this morning.
I promised her breakfast at Chic Fil A before school.
That  meant we had to be out the door 20 minutes earlier.
As we leave I have 3 bags in my hands, my own bag of goodies, my purse and Chloe's backpack oh yea..and her lunch bag so 4 bags for me ZERO bags for Chloe.
We are right on schedule.

The second we stepped out the back door I heard a sound I have heard one millions times....
 " Oh Mommy.....look"
I turn to see Chloe stopped dead in her tracks looking down..
That tells a mom with a child like mine one thing, she has seen a bug.

Sure enough, and earth worm....squirming there on the concrete.
Remember now we are in a hurry.
"Mom...I have to get him"
"No Chloe..come on, we have to hurry today"
"But mom....he'll die when the sun comes out"
(well yes he probably will, but I didn't confirm that for her)
"Baby really come on, we have to go if you want breakfast"
"Mom I just have to save him, I want to take care of nature"
( how can I say no to that precious-ness)
"Well get a stick and DON'T TOUCH HIM, because we are going to breakfast...make it snappy"

2  minutes later..which is an eternity when you have to be getting on with she comes.

"What took so long?"
"Well I had to dig a little hole with the stick and get him into the hole"

We chat about the worm and what a great life he will that his life was spared from baking on the concrete in the sun......all the way to Chic Fil A

We park with our breakfast, turn on XM Kids and get ready to eat.

"Mom...hand me the anti-bac"
" get him (worm) in the hole I had to pick him up....sorry mom"

After I shoot her that I knew it glance
I hand her our fabulous blueberry scented anti-bac, smile and tell her I'm glad we took the time to save the was a good thing to do and really it's nothing a little anti-bac can't handle.

We were on time for school.

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