Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweet Dogs

This is my Daisy...this is a sweet dog.
Fun Loving...cute...happy...flitting all about shaking her rope know the kind with the knots at the end.  At times she even hits herself in the noggin with it.  Silly pup.
This is Leia or Lei Lei as we call her round' here.  This is an even sweeter dog.  Lei Lei is 13, a very old weenie dog.  She still runs and plays and takes our stairs 2 at a time...Lei Lei is my longtime sidekick. neighbors not so SWEET....little rat dog....he bit me tonite....if I had his lil' mugshot I would show it to the everyone could look out for Smootz...the demon dog....the little knee biter...yes be bit my knee and he's a chiuaua and tiny lil thing...he jumped to get me. 

I was mad.
It hurt.
It still hurts.

I like sweet dogs.

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1 comment:

Summer said...

funny that you should write about your dog tonight as well...Lei Lei is a very SWEET dog and I can't believe she is 13!