Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Ohhh..Saturday

Everyone at my house is home today....all day.
Nothing really to accomplish just piddling around the house and GETTING ON EACH OTHERS NERVES.
Some days are just like that...nothing seems to suit everyone at the same time.

At least my precious doggies are getting along today.
Look at Daisy ( the black one) ..Mr. JaneSays said she looks like the Emperor from Star Wars...I'd have to agree.
These are their night time sleepy blankets, they have a whole different set downstairs for daytime snoozing.
Yes that's art that needs to make it to my wall...procrastination is my forte.
To ease the tension a little Chloe and I walked the dogs.
I'm a really bad neighborhood person..I NEVER pick up my dog's poo with a baggie ... NEVER.
A couple of reasons.
1. That is just's warm...and Ohh...ugh..can't even talk about it.
2. Well..dogs are supposed to go on the ground...I won't let them poo right in your front yard but elsewhere, well that should be ok.
Well today I thought I would try it....ha....try it...not like trying a new ice cream flavor or a different way to the beach...try to pick up my dog's poo.
First I tried to get them to poo before we left our go.
3 minutes into the walk Daisy had to go.
I got my baggie ready.
Handed it to Chloe....oh yea...I chickened out...but Chloe was a poo picking up champ.
Just one more reason to LOVE that girl of mine.

This is just my neighbors fuzzy grassy stuff, it caught my eye as we rounded the corner returning from our walk, on which I once again did not pick up dog poo, but my little one did.

Now...don't we all feel better...let's get on with this day..only 8  more hours.
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