Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Keepers

Fall puts me in a cooking mood and Pinterest makes looking for new recipes simple and even fun.
I have three really good recipes to share with you, you should really try all of these...they are so so good.   Also, my 7 year old ate them all and if you have kids you know why these are now keepers.

Chicken Broccoli Supreme is divine.  Over the years I've tried a handful of broccoli casseroles, they were all mediocre.
Not this one it's scrumptious !!
I did omit the poppy seeds though, those were sure to turn Chloe off.

 Chicken pot pie.  I can not say enough about chicken pot pie.  I love this dish, I have had good ones and awesome ones and it's for certain I have never had a bad one. 
Chicken Pot Pie Crumble is a twist on a traditional crust type chicken pot pie.  The topping is made separately, you bake it in the oven before you put it on the dish.  The crumble topping is so so good, I was eating it as I was putting it on the pie.  If you love chicken pot pie be sure to give this one a try.
The only tweak I made was I added a bit of corn.

Oh so good.  Creamy, filling and tasty.  I have a stove top version of this very same soup, this one is a crock pot version and I like it better.  The chicken cooking in the crock pot all day makes it so tender and delicious.  Great for chilly nights, eat with crusty bread or some crackers...yum.  I omitted the celery.

I hope you try and enjoy all of these delicious fall recipes.

se ya'll

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Kelly said...

These both look fantastic! I'm bookmarking them for later!