Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Last Fall I asked my Grandma to gather me some acorns, now that I type that I realize how lazy that was I should have went and gathered my own darn acorns....anyway...I'm sure she was happy to do.  She went out into her acorn covered yard and got me the biggest, prettiest, most perfect acorns you have ever seen.

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What did I have planned for those acorns?  I was planning on glittering them, not the cap part but the round part.  Wouldn't that have been pretty...a big bowl full of glittered acorns ?

My bowl of acorns sat in the corner of my kitchen for a few days. When I eventually got around to working on the acorns I was shocked to see little white worms crawling in and around the bowl.  They were everywhere.  They had crawled out of the acorns.

I immediately called Grandma, she would know what to do.  What she told me though I was not so sure about. She told me to heat them in the oven and that would kill the worms.  Really ?  I didn't google this, I didn't call anyone else for a second opinion.  I knew baking those acorns and then glittering them with possible dead worms in them was not for me.   So I trashed all the acorns.  EVERYDAY of fall I regretted doing that.  I wanted glittered acorns in my home so bad with or without dead worms.

This year I will attempt having glittered acorns again, it is almost time. 
Go get some acorns this year and doing something fun with them...they are nature's fun free crafty goodie. 

Here is some inspiration:
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If you doll up some acorns.....show me.

see ya'll

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo, that would completely gross me out...I woulda dumped that whole bowl too! Bleh! I really like the acorns around the candles idea, it's a nice understated fall-y decoration. Good luck with your acorns this year!:)