Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aunt Della's Goodies

Since I have not been blogging regular, oh for a long time now,  I didn't get to share all of this with you, better time than now.
I was fortunate enough to inherit some beautiful goodies from a lady whom I was told was one of a kind.

My step father's Aunt Della passed away recently.
The family had went through all her belongings and decided they had gotten all the items
they wanted out of the house.

My mom was able to go look inside the house,  just to make sure there were no treasures left
behind. ( My mom has ample treasure knowledge, in other words she knows her "junk")

I am so glad she took a peek.
She got me box after box of wonderful vintage goodies.

Happy fabrics.  Lots of gingham.  Yards and scraps. Some pre-cut for projects.

A big box of patterns.  Too bad I can use a pattern to save my life.  Maybe it's time to learn.

Trim, trim and more trim.

This little darling here, while cute and hmmm...maybe a tad creepy, I really had no where to keep her, we gave her to another member of the family, but  not before I took her photo.  Aunt Della never had any kids I guess she bought this little lady for herself.  That's what I like to think anyway.

This may have been my favorite box to go through.  I love notions. 
Everything so neat and organized.  I will not have to shop in a notions section of any craft store for a long time.

Aunt Della, I am having a good time with all of your goodies and when I use them I think of  you even though I didn't know you I heard about you quite often.   I am taking great care of all your girly crafty things....don't you worry.
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