Friday, April 8, 2011

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants. This is a good book. I finished it a few days ago, it held my interest all the way thru. I loved the bits about the circus, there is something so enchanting about a circus, doncha think ? Most of the time I could see the scenes in my's a very easy read, I completely enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to the movie release.
He is probably the reason why, oh let's face it He is the reason.

Vampire, Veterinarian that happens upon and joins a circus......I'll take him either way.


I read sooo much more now that I own a Kindle, it's so conveinient. I love it.

I love that it has brought me back to reading.

The book I read before Water for Elephants was Eat, Pray, Love....I hated this book.

Did you like it ?

It was torture reading thru Italy and when she got to the next country, (whatever that was I was so disconnected from this book I can't even recall) I stopped reading it....not a favorite of mine.

Now I'm reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, can't go wrong there, and the story is set in Southport NC, one of my favorite places to visit on the NC coast.

If you ever visit the NC coast you should go there.

What are you reading ?

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betsy said...

yes i enjoyed water for elephants too! and i am thrilled with the movie coming out, i love reese witherspoon, simply adorable! but i totally agree about eat,pray,love... i hated it. i just couldn't get into it. i even rented the movie thinking it would be better than the book with julia roberts but i still didn't like it.

Brandie said...

I have been thinking about Water for Elephants but I cant bear to see, or read about animal abuse. Is there alot of that in the book? I just started Angela's Ashes and it is so good!

KellyH said...

I just finished Sarah's Key this week. Very good book! I also really liked Water for Elephants, one of my favorites. Never read eat pray love. Now I know I wont :)

Anonymous said...

I read water for elephants when it first came out... Im glad I'm not the only one who thought eat pray love was boring I finished just about the same part you did..... I recommend something borrowed