Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No School Tree Tutorial

This tutorial is simple and so quick. It was born yesterday when I pulled into my daughter's school to drop her off and noticed that all the parents pulling out of the school still had children in their cars.....strange. Come to find out school was cancelled due to no power....we had a ferocious storm the night before, which was surely to blame. So you know what we do when the kids are outta school We make stuff. I've had this sweet little boring tree from the $2.50 section at Target for weeks now. It has just been sitting in my pantry waiting for me to decide what to do with it. So I grabbed my favorite snaggle-toothed youngin', school glue and some red tissue paper.
and of course the little tree. If you do not have a little tree in need of some help you can do this with some branches, that maybe you have spray painted or wrapped in some tape or ribbon. Then with some glue or flower arranging foam get them into a cute lil' pot. This will certainly need to have the $2.50 tree.
Cut circles from the tissue paper

Ours were about 2 inches.
Now pinch those up like Queen Snaggle is showing you and dab some glue to the pinch.

Then stick it on the end of your branch and hold for just a few secs.
Keep on truckin' until each branch is adorned.
So cute.
and it's perfect in my new family room.

Pics of that whole mess coming soon.

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Chris said...

What a cute idea! I have a little 8-year old that would LOVE this project! And it's so easy! Thanks for sharing!