Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Fat

How many times have you tried to lose a few pounds ? I have gave it a half effort a few times since Chloe arrived and wreaked havoc on my body.
Nothing I have ever tried showed me results that I could notice in a few weeks, so that made me lose interest and give up.
Now I can hear those of you who know me in "real life" going "pppfftt......serious...April you are so tiny you don't need to lose a pound."
Well I know I am small, I have fabulous metabolism, I do eat whatever I want and up until a month ago drank Pepsi. All. Day.
I wear size 2-4 jeans and can wear the XL shirts in the girl yea I am small. But I am smushy and the baby fat lingered especially on my tummy, giving me that slight muffin top on certain days and making me feel uncomfortable after a big meal....ya know that too full feeling not caused by food but by your belly busting at your jeans button.
OK Well...I decided to try 30 Day Shred, I don't' EVER and have NEVER tried any weight loss craze that the rest of the planet seemed to be trying....this is a first. While browsing blogs, as I do daily, I began to read a lot about people trying the Shred and some BRAVE women even showed their before and after, and you know what their bodies were changing....amazing.
After 20 days on the Shred I can honestly tell you I have lost a big portion of the smushy baby belly. My abs are forming I can sense them getting stronger, it's like I notice them all day they just feel different.
My legs and arms are more shapely and I do feel better.
The ONLY other changes I made are - I quit Pepsi, but I still drink sweet tea.
- I stopped eating until my plate was clean and instead I stop when I am full, which I never did, I LOVE FOOD.
- I make a conscious effort to engage my abs all day and sit and walk nice and straight, it feels better and reminds my abs what we are going for here.
- I have missed a few nights because some nights I just can't get it in.
- I started with 3lb. weights and now I use 5lb. and I did progress the levels I am now on level 3 of the workout.

It is hard I swear you will HATE every minute of it. But it's short, it's over before you know it.
To make them time pass even more I go to my bedroom, watch Shred on my laptop and turn on a favorite tv show on the TV and watch TV while I Shred, it helps me get thru it.
You will be sore the first few days but that went away quickly and I like that pain, it let me know it was working.

I have no clue if this assumption is correct or not, but to me it would seem it's a little more difficult for small people to lose a bit and trim up, I don't know if that is because there is not much to lose to begin with or if it is just harder to see the results...either way I have never seen as much progress and as many results so quickly to be a small as I already was.
This workout works and if you need a little weight loss or firming up give it a go !!!

No, I am not being paid to say any of this Jillian and I are not best friends nor do I know any of her family and I didn't go to school with her's all my opinion. If you want to send me a check though Jillian I won't be offended.

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Crystal said...

yay april!! :) my 30th day is monday and i am moving on to her yoga meltdown...and i too have found that if you don't have weight to lose then it's hard to get rid of those few pounds we DO want to lose. hang in there!! yay you!!