Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleeping on the Porch

I am sleeping on the porch these days.....yep.
Not because the Spring nights feel so good.
Not because Mr. JaneSays and I can't be within one foot of each other without screaming.
Not because I stink.
Not because I have no place to sleep inside my home.

Because I am mother and wife to the home-run derby champions.
That's right....2 big-headed...ego-toting home run hitting fools in my house.

Chloe won her division and Mr. JaneSays won his.
There is no room for lil' ole me....the afterglow of the home-runs is still lingering...Chloe stares lovingly at her trophy and took it for show-n-tell today to share her GOOD NEWS with her buds !!!

So here I'll be....on my virtual porch where there is room for me until they come down from their home-run cloud and their heads go back to normal size.

Yay for my home-run hittin family.....very cool.

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