Saturday, April 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Let's talk a minute. Did you watch this show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I recorded it and watched while I ate my dinner last night and it's a miracle any food stayed in my mouth because my jaw was in my lap the entire time.High five to all you "normal" couponing ladies, I think what you do is amazing.....but this is a different story. Look at the boxes of noodles in this cart, if I recall correctly she purchased 218 boxes of noodles. Yea I know...right? What ? Even if they are all free, and I think they were....what business do you have buying that many boxes of noodles....just get 10 boxes....that's more Will you ever eat 218 boxes of noodles ? Isn't that waste ? A thought did occurr to me, if you could get piles and piles of food and household supplies FREE and then you could donate them that would be awesome.

Sadly enough though as you can see in these photos these items are not donated they are hoarded way in stockpiles...entire rooms of their homes devoted to stockpiling.

I just don't' get it.

See those green spray bottles in the photo above...when would you ever use that much cleaner?

Kraft salad dressing...isn't that spoiling waaaay before you use all that ?

Look at all that salad dressing.

Seems so wasteful to me.


On the up side, I was truly amazed at the ability of these people to do all this research and find and match up all these coupons and to see their grocery totals go from $1800.00 to oh....$35.00.

It was good tv, I could not turn away, kind of like a circus freak show I didn't' want to look but I had to.

It would be nice if these extreme couponers would use this skill to load up their local food banks and homeless shelters...that would be so so nice because this stockpiling is just silly. ( that's my opinion, if you are a stockpiler...have fun doing what you do)

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LibraryGirl62 said...

I had the exact same feelings. Why stockpile more food than you can ever eat or more laundry detergent than I have used since I had my children 18 and 17 years ago? I did watch one episode (total). The guy donated 1000 boxes of cereal to the food bank. That would be awesome if they all did that.

lushkin3 said...

It wasn't what I expected. Kind of weird...we have to have a room for hoarding? I felt it was kind of like that. How many rolls of TP can a person store? I was disgusted at all of the "stuff".

lushkin3 said... hoarding. I was so disappointed. We have to have a room for toilet paper. I will never watch it again.

sarah said...

occassionally, i have a coupon in my pocket or one that i clipped knowing full-well that my family would actually use the product. i can't imagine the time involved in having enough coupons to go from $1800 to $35!! i am just grateful to save a few bucks here and there. i wonder what the companies who offer these coupons thought while watching the show?

LeeLu Creations said...

I clip coupons but nothing like this. I admit, there is a thrill when I get a really good bargain. If only these people would put this to good use, like filling up the local food banks...

And where do these people shop?? The prices at my local grocery stores are well above the face value of the coupon-even when the coupon is doubled or the item is on sale....

Karin Schueller said...

There was a time I did SavingsAngel (they take your local ads and combine them with coupons and tell you where your best deals are). Anyway, there were times toothbrushes were free, or 50 cents, or free ibuprofen and I always got them and donated them. I too, think it's WASTEFUL! But if you donate items that the government doesn't help with such as toiletries, you can be a blessing to those who need it. :) Love that you had the same thought I did. :)